XBOX hacking

I did the old xbox mod thing yesterday, using the Splinter Cell exploit, and have basically been using xbox media centre on it. It’s pretty handy: for obvious reasons the xbox is already appropriately wired for sound, and I don’t really want a noisy PC next to the TV. This makes me wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of this in the first place. I don’t think piracy is much of an issue. WMP already deals in this kind of thing – and indeed, I’ve been using it to rip my collection of (legallyowned) CDs to a debian box in the cupboard with a reasonable amount of storage. XMBC then plays the content back via an SMB network (running samba, of course). It would have added a lot of value to it, I wonder if the xbox-360 has any such support?

I shan’t detail the process as it’s more than adequately documented elsewhere but I will say it was a lot of fun 🙂 Next job may be to use it as a front end for MythTV.

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