Open-Win32 is my collection of useful classes for Win32. Some of the functionality there is now replicated by ATL (but wasn’t there when I started on it!). This has the advantage of being open source, however (LGPL licensed). A quick overview of what it has got:

– A C++ callback model for i/o completion port development with a simple thread pool
– An i/o completion port socket wrapper with optional (safe) timeout and fake ConnectEx for Windows 2000/NT4
– An i/o completion port SSL socket client/server wrapper
– A fully asynchronous, i/o completion port DNS resolver
– A simple asynchonous HTTP client
– Easy support for exposing performance counters from applications
– Service wrappers for quickly creating services
– Wrappers for Win32 synchronisation objects
– i/o completion port change monitoring for single files or directories (using ReadDirectoryChangesW)

For the full details, see the documentation here.

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