LIRC PVR-150 IR blaster support

NOTE: This page has been superseded. Please see this post which has a newer patch & scripts.

I have a basic driver that appears to make this work, based on I2C captures from the Hauppauge windows software. I will say
right now that I have no idea how the hardware actually works — various people have made suggestions but it was not enough
for me to figure it out (search the ivtv-devel list on “cheapi2c/lmilk” for more information).

Here’s a basic HOWTO:

1. Get lirc-0.7.2-pre2 or your favourite version
(the patch is against that version).
2. Get my patch
3. Unpack lirc and apply the patch:

tar xfj lirc-0.7.2pre2.tar.bz2
cd lirc-0.7.2pre2
patch -p4 < pvr150.patch

Choose ‘TV card’, ‘Hauppauge TV card’, save quit then
make && make install

4. Now you need the ‘firmware’. This is
a set of data blocks that correspond to those generated by the windows software. This goes in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware on my
debian system. Note that the entire firmware is kept in memory (currently 170K) so this makes the driver quite large.
(I have no plans to sort this out, memory is cheap).

5. Check everything is working so far:

modprobe lirc_dev debug=1 && modprobe lirc_i2c debug=1

Check the syslog output. This should report something like:

Aug 7 23:10:52 soapbox kernel: lirc_i2c: chip found @ 0x70 (Hauppauge IR TX (PVR1
Aug 7 23:10:52 soapbox kernel: ivtv: i2c attach [client=Hauppauge IR TX (PVR150),
Aug 7 23:10:52 soapbox kernel: lirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 0
Aug 7 23:10:52 soapbox kernel: lirc_i2c: firmware of size 174351 loaded
Aug 7 23:10:52 soapbox kernel: lirc_i2c: 470 codesets loaded
Aug 7 23:10:52 soapbox kernel: lirc_i2c: Hauppauge PVR-150 IR blaster: firmware version 1.3.0

This means that the driver has detected and initialised the IR blaster hardware — if you don’t see that then let me know.

6. You need to configure lircd, and find out which codeset you are going to be using. The easiest way is to start
with this configuration file which contains
key definitions for everything in the database.

7. Start lircd. You need two of them as one device is created for the receiver and one for the sender, I use:

modprobe lirc_dev && modprobe lirc_i2c debug=1
lircd --device=/dev/lirc0 --output=/dev/lircd0 --pidfile=/var/run/
lircd --device=/dev/lirc1 --output=/dev/lircd1 --pidfile=/var/run/
# mythtv likes /dev/lircd
ln -s /dev/lircd0 /dev/lircd

You need to check in /dev or syslog to see which “lircN” files were created for which device. The IR blaster will
always be second due to the probing order.

8. Next you need to work out which codeset to use, this is the tricky bit. For this I have
send_power, a script that just sends the power
command in every single codeset (470 at present).

You need to stick the IR blaster on the IR receiver of box that you intend to control, being quite careful to position
it correctly — it has a very short range and took me a couple of goes to get right. Some people have reported needing
to have the device attached back to front.

If you can’t get this to work:

a) My software doesn’t work properly
b) The device you are trying to control is not supported (please check against the Windows stuff if possible)
c) You didn’t get the device in the right place — did I mention it was touchy?

9. Once you know which codeset you want you can go and delete all of the rest from lircd.conf. They are named “XXX_key”
so should be pretty easy to find. I also gave the keys standard names (0-9).

10. To get mythtv to work, configure a channel change script for your device. There’s one
here that should work out of the box if you
rename the number keys.

That’s it, good luck!

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ClamAV windows port update (0.86.1)

Updated to latest version; fixed a bug where the database self-check would always detect modifications.

You can get the MSI installer & patch here.

Full source code can be downloaded here.

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XBOX hacking

I did the old xbox mod thing yesterday, using the Splinter Cell exploit, and have basically been using xbox media centre on it. It’s pretty handy: for obvious reasons the xbox is already appropriately wired for sound, and I don’t really want a noisy PC next to the TV. This makes me wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of this in the first place. I don’t think piracy is much of an issue. WMP already deals in this kind of thing – and indeed, I’ve been using it to rip my collection of (legallyowned) CDs to a debian box in the cupboard with a reasonable amount of storage. XMBC then plays the content back via an SMB network (running samba, of course). It would have added a lot of value to it, I wonder if the xbox-360 has any such support?

I shan’t detail the process as it’s more than adequately documented elsewhere but I will say it was a lot of fun 🙂 Next job may be to use it as a front end for MythTV.

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OW32 async resolver update

I’ve made a small, but important update to CAsyncResolver in OW32. This adds a local “hosts” file cache, which dramatically speeds up looking up the obvious (localhost) as well as all the rest of the entries using a couple of STL maps. Basically I did this for Yam, my MTA-in-development, as it was proving the biggest bottleneck for looping messages around between a pair of them. In order to use the cache, you need to create and pass a CFileWatcher to CAsyncResolver::initialise. I suppose strictly, this doesn’t need to be a requirement, but it will do for now — I can’t imagine a situation under which you _wouldn’t_ want the hosts file cache to get updated when the hosts file changes.

Next will be more IMAP, I think, although I might write some notes up on a few historical bits of code first.

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ClamAV port updated

It’s now at version 0.85.1 (here), so no longer out of date.

I also fixed:

  • a couple of messy path bugs, pretty much to do with the fact that windows has an interesting idea of what a directory is. There is still some mess with scanning the root (c:\, /) in that the path separator is appended twice, but that occurs in the stock clamav distribution, and is painful to fix due to the sheer number of places “%s/%s” occurs in
  • a _nasty_ bug in the installer that meant that you couldn’t remove it. Basically, it was running the custom action that generates the configuration files on initial install _on uninstall_. I didn’t notice initially, because during testing, I had the registry entries that this relies on to run hand installed, and MSI was rolling back to those on uninstall (so the custom action app ran ok). On a system without those registry entries, it’s a total disaster — you can’t uninstall the package, and MSI refuses to uninstall from a later version of the same package with a fixed custom action. Bletch.

Oh well, nearly 5am so time for bed I suppose…

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ClamAV port

I spent the last few days doing a native Win32 port of ClamAV, to support Yam (my MTA, which is a work in progress but getting there, see SVN for the code). It wasn’t too hard, but I really need some test suites to see if the detection rate has been affected at all.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some interest from the maintainers. The clamav-devel list seems pretty silent to me, although there’s enough activity to tell me that the project isn’t dead (the engine version is already out of date for example!).

Oh, nearly forgot, I added an MSI installer (playing with WiX, which is kind of love/hate at the moment although most of the latter is to do with MSI), here.

I’ve also put the code in SVN ( let me know how to do a vendor import), so see the SVN post for details on how to peruse that. Patches are updated and uploaded here.

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